HWN Immune Builder/Bleeder Solution

HWN Immune Builder/Bleeder Solution is a 100% Natural, Organic, Wild Crafted, Human Grade Homeopathic Product made for Horses.

We use only the best ingredients to insure safety and consistency. Nothing in our product is used for enhancement and therefor will not test. Used in the United States, Canada, The UK and Dubai. 

HWN Immune Builder Bleeder Solution is used as a supplement on a daily basis. The majority of "bleeder aids", on the market are coagulants. Therefore they may stop or lessen the bleeding, but they do not prevent it.

Our product, the Immune Builder/Bleeder Solution works by aiding and  preventing EIPH.   It builds a healthier horse and a strong respiratory system, therefore preventing EIPH in the athletic horse. If  EIPH (bleeding), has already occurred, it heals  the lungs, and prevents EIPH from occurring again. 

Many of the Horse Trainers who use the Immune Builder/Bleeder Solution have their whole stable on it, or they put the their rising stars on it, preventing them from ever becoming a bleeder. The cost of prevention is well worth  it.  As the cost of correcting a health problem, is much more  draining in time, money and the well being of your horse. Prevention is Key.

HWN Immune Builder/Bleeder Solution helps to build a healthy Immune response in foals and young horses, therefore preventing and aiding in eradicating  Pharyngitis. This is Imperative for the sales and early training programs of the young equine athlete.

HWN Immune Builder/Bleeder Solution comes in a 32 ounce glass bottle. Loading dose if necessary, is 30cc 2x a day, maintenance is 30cc 1x a day. One bottle will last a horse 2 weeks to a month depending on each individual. Foals and horses under 2 years 15cc 1-2x a day.

Within 2 weeks you will notice your horse's health has changed. They will become dappled, have a shiny coat, better appetite, and attitude. For EIPH each horse is individual, but in most cases you will see a change within 2 weeks to a month. 

Nothing on the market can compare, and nothing has been available consistently for the athletic horse as HWN Immune Builder/Bleeder Solution

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* EIPH (Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage)